Spring Equinox Ritual

This is the ritual I wrote for the Spring Equinox Ritual at Laurelin for today. This is part two of the two part ritual that began at Imbolc.

What you need:

-Seed pouch from Imbolc Ritual

Set up:

For a group, be sure to have people stand next to someone they don’t see every day.


Open as you feels best for you or your group.

Center down to close Imbolc, feel Imbolc completed to move into a new phase.

If in group, pair up and share with your neighbor all that you did to prepare your seed for Spring. Share challenges. Boast your successes.

If alone, think of how you prepared your seed for Spring. Think of your challenges and celebrate your successes.

Now, focus on your seed pouch. Feel the energy of Night absorbed into your seed. Feel its readiness for Spring.

Open your seed pouch and carefully turn it inside out to see what your seed has become.*

Your seed has bloomed! Rejoice!!! Welcome Spring!!!

The energy of Night gave your seed the structure and foundation it needs to survive. Let’s take a moment to honor and thank Night for this gift.

Now, your bloom needs the energy of Day to thrive. Now that Spring has arrived, Day rules over Night.

Day energy is quick, fast-paced, “use-it-now” type energy. I always feel like I have to hurry to complete projects before sunset. It’s like carbs for your body. Quick energy.

Whereas Night energy is slow, steady energy to store for future use, providing strength and endurance. It’s like protein for your body.

Throughout the light half of the year, use Day to continue to grow your bloom and realize your goals. Absorb and harness Day’s energy during each day and put it to good use. If you need something physical, use the bloom you revealed today absorb the energy to guide you. Let it tell you what it needs to manifest your goals.

But remember, Night is always present like an undercurrent to help you organize the energy of Day and plan for its use.


Close the ritual as feels right.

*The seed pouches I made were two levels of burlap bags sewed together. The outside pouch was natural color and used for people to draw their plan during Imbolc. The inside pouch was green with a fabric flower glued to it and turned outside in.

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